Matching Recipes and Chateauneuf du Pape Wines - Domaine de le Solitude.

The quest of the most beautiful harmonies between our wines and recipes.

You will find here advices only based on our own experiences. They must not be frozen in time as a permanent evolution characterizes gastronomy especially with the opening to the world.This is how for the last few years we have brought our Chateauneuf du Pape wines closer to recipes from very different origins discovering that they can perfectly be complementary and delight our palates, thing we did not know up to today.

Doors are opening towards new gustative emotions and our passion for these beautiful alliances keeps on growing along with our new experiences. These harmonies that we are suggesting you are not injunctions as the vintages may influence on some cuvees as the personal tastes may be different. We are just suggesting you these flavours accomplices.

Our suggestions to match gastronomy with our vintages.

Here are some recipes selected for you among our favourites, all presented with the wine that seems to be a perfect fit: selecting the wine which will sublimate a great recipe, without domination of one or the other, as the wine should not diminish the tastes of a recipe but raise them.

Bon appétit.

» Roasted duck fillets with polenta

» Pot au feu of young pigeon with vegetables and fresh foie gras.

» Saint-Jacques nuts with citrus fruits

» Tournedos Rossini

» Slice of toasted country bread buttered and covered with slices of fresh truffles.

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